Thursday, September 23, 2010

NNA concepts and a sneak peek

Just updating the good ol' blog. Let's see, well I did some character designs for NN@. If the the story takes place in a school of course there has to be tons of characters and other astronauts. Here's the list of the astronauts:

BB@(Big Buff @stronaut), HI@(Highly Intelligent @stronaut), LA@(Little Angry @stronaut) PR@(Punk Rock @stronaut), OS@(Oni Samurai @stronaut), NN@ you know of course, and LL@(Lucha Libre @stronaut).

There will be more designs to come! Also I'm working on this piece and I thought I'd finish it tonight, but I ran out of time for the night. Curse you time! Anywhoo here's a sneak peek of my piece I'm working on, you'll never be able to guess what it will be!


Marie P. said...

they are really funny :D

Marie P. said...
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