Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dinosaurrrrrr! In action!

Wheeew! Holy crap this piece took a while! It's waaay late or early my time, but I just couldn't put this piece down till it was done. Alrighty, here's the story, after a full day of drawing girly fashions at work I had a random idea. I thought it'd be cool to draw a pirate riding a dinosaur. Then I thought it'd be funny if he was yelling DINOSAURRRR!!! Thus, yes thus, this piece was born.

I'm actually going to post my process. Every once and a while I like to texture paint my pieces. It pushes me.

First I draw in pencil. I usually do blue and define it more with mechanical pencil.

Second I clean it up with inks.Then I apply the flat colors. Remember don't do it on white bg, pick a neutral color for the bg. Don't want those super saturated colors. Well, unless you do.

After that I do my texture paints. Looks totally different right?
And finally I just added some minor bg elements like the speech bubble and some texture. That way your eye goes straight to the main characters of this piece. As you can see there's two finals. One is a blank bg and the other is all paper textured out.
Hope you guys enjoyed seeing this. If ya didn't give me a heads. Like, "Dude we just wanted to see the final!" And I'll be like, "Your mom!"


Chenny said...

haha this is silly! i like his pirate teeth :)

NiC Parris said...

Ah, the days before you had to brush your teeth, haha Pirate Breath!