Saturday, July 16, 2011

HH@: Flo bustin chops

I felt like messing around with some designs for the HH@ comic. I plan on putting LL@ and Melena in the mix for the first chapter. So as you can see I had to make them older. As you can see Flo is giving HH@ a hard time. What did you do now you're wondering? You'll find out. The character on the left is completely new. Not even a name yet. I'm gonna start making bios and stuff and get the story rolling.

I definitely plan on starting the comic soon. I have some things to knock out first. The animation isn't one of them. Kinda thought it over and it would take waaaay too long on my own and it was kind of a favor not for myself. I'd rather get rolling on HH@. Gotta do something for yourself or you'll go crazy!

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Dylan Thomas Holden said...

Loving all the new work bro.